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Escort agency Berkshire is a county on the south east of England, to the west of London. It has been called the Royal county of Berkshire since the 19th century due to the inclusion of Windsor Castle and was backed up by the queen in 1957. Aswell as being a county of massive historical influence it is a county with a vibrant night life a number of exciting places to visit with your beautiful Berkshire escorts.

Aside from Windsor Castle there are number of exciting things to do with your Berkshire escort, why not take your companion to Ascot Racecourse and enjoy an unforgettable day out at the races. There are also a number of fantastic walks with some beautiful scenery such as Savill Garden and Black Park Country Park.

After a long day of walking through the countryside you will want to have something to eat with your stunning Berkshire escorts. Perhaps Berks most famous restaurant is the TV chef Heston Blumenthal's landmark restaurant, the fat duck on Bray-on-Thames. Combining Michelin grade cooking with science to create not only fantastic food but an unforgettable dining experience. It is claimed to be the best restaurant in the country. With dishes like Salmon poached in liquorice gel, with artichokes and vanilla mayonnaise its clear to see why he has earned his reputation.

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There are a number of excellent bars to choose from on your travels with your Berkshire escorts. One that you really must visit is the brilliantly named Moe's Tavern on Railroad street. There is a superb selection of beers, from ales to lagers, stouts and bitters, but why not site and relax with a a glass of wine with your beautiful companion. So enjoy one of the most beautiful counties in the south with the people who know it best, temptation beautiful escorts in Berkshire